citrusbergamia replied to your post “A few hours ago a convoy of well over fifty ‘No’ labeled cars drove…”

what the fuck

I think it was in retaliation to a, totally legal, pre-planned and approved I might add, Yes gathering that happened in George square. Jealous that the Yes campaign actually has enough supporters in Glasgow to totally fill the main square and then some + appear respectable while they do it some No voting hooligans (look up the orange order, they’re a sectarian group) wanted to stir up some trouble. And they did. On my doorstep. Good stuff.

The reason I took the tone I did was that all of the worst groups that exist here are in favour of the No campaign and I’m just tired of it. The Orange Lodge. UKIP. BNP. There was allegedly a dude in a KKK hood at a No event in Edinburgh. While true that there is a seedy nationalist tinge to some of the Yes campaign, the No campaign is supported by blatantly racist fascists. 

It’s tiring. It’s just… tiring. At least their input helped me decide which way to vote, eh?

will you still be m y f ri end either way

Have you never been friends with someone that lives in a foreign country before? Chill dude. I mean, duh

A few hours ago a convoy of well over fifty ‘No’ labeled cars drove down duke street with British flags held out the windows, screaming “god save the queen” and similar while honking their horns. It’s nighttime. They shouted abuse at local storeowners and pedestrians. The police showed up at one point and did nothing despite what was happening being very obviously illegal - unsanctioned protest event, threatening behaviour and being far too loud for after sundown. They circled the street like sharks while blaring orange order music from their cars. This lasted for maybe 40 minutes. About half an hour later some jakebags threatened some Yes campaigners in their own headquarters as they walked past.

These are No supporters. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are more of these kind of people on the No side. I don’t find it surprising at all.

If this job has taught me anything it’s that feigned confidence, a smile and a nod is enough to get past almost any security gaurd no questions asked